BF Series Municipal Slow Sand Filters

for Communities of 500-10,000 (50,000 gallons-1 MG Per Day)

BF Series Features

Ease of Installation & Low Operational Overhead

BF Series steel-tank modular slow sand filters offer a package-plant alternative to custom-engineered full-scale drinking water treatment plants that offers reliability and compliance at a fraction of the cost of concrete design-and-build plants.


BF Series package plants are available in custom flow-rate specifications from 50,000 to 1.5 MG a day.  Below you will find descriptions of the BF 50 and BF 100 models.  For other sizing and specifications, request a quote below.

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bff-100 100 gpm package plant modular slow sand filter blue future

Patented Flow Control System

Maintains Consistent Flow
Without Complicated Monitoring

Slow sand filters installation blue future filters

Reliable & Redundant Design

From Dependable
Design Standards

Blue Future Package Plants are designed to
AWWA and Ten State Standards for slow sand filters,
and feature a two-tank redundant design for better up-time.

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Ease of Installation

Blue Future offers on-site installation
management consulting.

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Control & Monitoring Equipment

Skid-mounted flow-monitoring, turbidimeters, and other
control system essentials for a full turn-key installation.

BF 50
50GPM/72,000 GPD Slow Sand Filter
Slow Sand Filter


Users:  Up to 200 households or 720 people.

Specifications:  9 gallons per minute/12,600 gallons per day.

Treatment efficiency:  99.99% removal of bacteria, Giardia and Cryptosporidum cysts; removal of turbidity and color.

Water type:  Surface water sources (river, stream, lake, spring, rainwater) with turbidty below 20 NTU.

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